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Why Alatool Muscat?

 Why should the Merchants choose Alatool Muscat:

Free & Direct Advertising: Our site is a free advertising channel that has the potential to help your business expand virally.

New Business: Our site attracts consumers who tend to have a disposable income and a vested interest in promoting your product. Alatool Muscat guarantees customers that are eager to get advantage of unbeatable discounts. You'll have a whole new group of committed, enthusiastic customers coming through the doors to experience your offerings.

Bulk Business: Because of our collective-buying model, consumers need to draw other people in to capitalize on your deal, thereby promoting your product and drawing in new customers. This means big volume for you without much hassle.

Up sell and Cross-sell Potential: We will help you up sell by encouraging new and existing customers to visit you and to try some of your other products.

No Risk: Alatool Muscat is a win-win deal. Unlike traditional advertising, you pay nothing up front to appear on our powerful channels. We are only successful if you are successful and therefore will work with you to promote a deal that will yield the results you desire .We will collect all the money from customers up-front and within a few days send you a check based on the number of vouchers sold deducting our commission.


  • Nothing to pay up-front
  • Huge exposure for your business                             
  • Hundreds of new customers to you overnight!
  • Nothing to lose. A no-risk value proposition
  • Cheaper than direct advertising (Traditional (print/radio) advertising costs are expenses with no guarantees or a sale)
  • Free social media advertising
  • Win – Win solution, we make money only if you make money


Alatool Muscat Client Mix

Restaurants: An Alatool Muscat deal is the best way to fill empty tables, create bulk business during slow periods, and encourage customers to test out new menu items.

Health and Beauty: An Alatool Muscat deal is the best means of attracting new customers, upselling existing customers on other products and services.

Retail: An Alatool Muscat deal will expand brand awareness, improve sales, and help you liquidate slow-moving products.

Activities: An Alatool Muscat deal is the best way to drive business during the off-season, encourage new trials, and convert new customers.

Events: An Alatool Muscat deal is the best way to help you move tickets so you’re able to sell out special events, fill your space to capacity, and drive business during less popular time slots.

Services: An Alatool Muscat deal is the best way to promote new offers, stimulate demand, and encourage trial without heavy advertising costs.